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Infant Street Dance: 4-4.30pm             

Grade 2/3 Ballet: 4.30-5.30pm

Junior Street Dance: 5.30-6pm

Junior Gymnastic Dance: 6-7 pm

Grade 3/4 Modern: 7-7.30pm

Grade 4 Tap: 7.30-8pm


Ballet Babies: 12.30 -1 pm

Preparatory Ballet: 4-4.30pm

Preparatory Tap: 4,30-5pm        

Pre-Juvenile Ballet: 5-5.30pm

Grade 1 Ballet (A): 5.30-6pm          

Grade 2 Ballet: 6-6,30pm

Grade 1/2 Tap: 6.30-7pm

Grade 1 Modern Jazz: 7-7.30pm

Grade 1 Theatre Craft: 7.30-8pm


Preparatory/Primary Ballet: 4-4.30pm

Grade 1 Ballet (B): 4.30 5 pm

Primary / G1 Gymnastic Dance:

5-5.30 pm

Primary Tap: 5.30-6 pm

Grade 4 Modern Jazz: 6-6.30pm

Grade 4 Tap: 6.30-7pm

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